Clip Manufacturing


Weasand clips are one of Adepts core proprietary products. Recently we overhauled the way we make them using new generation 24 cavity hot runner tooling and automation.

Adept sells over 50 million lamb clips per year. In 2015 we were reaching capacity and made the call to re-tool. The goal was to increase our production capacity through a combination of higher cavitation and quicker cycle times.

We also wanted to eliminate regrind from the process. By making subtle changes to the product, optimising the tool design, a new all electric moulding machine and quicker automation, we’ve seen a 30% reduction in cycle time compared to the previous setup.

We can now produce 345,000 clips per day from one moulding machine compared to 275,000 from two and removed the need for granulators. And to blow our trumpet even more - all of the tooling and automation was designed and built in house.

The new setup has been running almost non-stop since it was commissioned and has done 3.5 million cycles so far - and it’s only just run in!!




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