TCT San Francisco


Our design team recently returned from a medical conference in San Francisco. TCT (Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics) is an annual event showcasing the latest research in interventional cardiovascular medicine.

While being a very small fish in the sea of medical offerings, Adept’s stand had phenomenal interest.

"People loved the look and feel of the carbon fibre" said Mike Oxborough, Designer, "There were six of us (manning the stand) and none of us had time to stop for lunch"

This trip was to officially launch Adepts Femoral Table, a device to aid neurosurgeons and vascular surgeons using access through the Femoral Artery. As well Adept showed the complete STARSystem for radial access which had immense interest from the delegates.

"This is due to the current industry trend moving to radial access" said Murray, Adept CEO.

Regardless of preference, the show was a huge success and orders have been received from around the globe.

"Sales have already exceeded our expectations" said Carla Tewkesbury, General Manager, "keeping up with demand could now be a problem"

To view these products, please visit the Angio section of the Adept Medical website.



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