Soluble Plastics

In recent years there has been increasing pressure in the meat industry to reduce the amount of plastics found in rendered product, pet food and waste drainage.

Responsible for supplying the worlds meat processing industry with contamination control products, Adept has trialed numerous commercially available degradable alternatives to traditional thermoplastics, however nothing met our unique criteria.

To be viable, the material must be:

Cost effective - The price has to be competitive to common plastics.

Degradable in Water - Ideally the product is functional for long enough to do its job then dissolves quickly in the actual conditions on plant. So called compostable materials only degrade in years under ideal conditions.

Food safe - All of the constituents of the dissolved final product must be food safe, tasteless, and fit for animal consumption.

Functionality - The mechanical properties need to be similar to that of conventional thermoplastics so the products still maintain hygiene effectively.

In 2012 Adept invested in its own in-house compounding system. Through many trials, testing and formulation alternations, we were able to develop a material that met this criteria. As a result, we have sold over 30 million soluble articles to satisfied customers worldwide.

Does your product require the ability to dissolve in water? Contact us to discuss these options today.


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