Meat - it's a billion? trillion? dollar industry and contamination is a real risk during its processing. Nasty bugs like E.coli can cause serious health issues - even death.

Recogising the need, Adept developed the 'beef clip' - a system which has set the standard in contamination control in meat processing plants worldwide.

So how do you improve on an already successful product?

Meat processing plants are extremely fast passed – thousands of animals are slaughtered a day and the longer the meat is exposed the greater the chance of contamination.  Fast, efficient delivery of the the clips is paramount.

Answer: Touchless.
Touchless dispensers are fast and effortless, increase productivity and further reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Our team of designers & engineers have been developing this dispenser to be market ready. Using both electronics and pneumatics there were plenty of technical challenges on the way to keep the team interested. All good learning for assisting in developing your future product ideas…

Click here to see the dispenser in action.


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