Time is money!  Nobody lives more by this mantra than those in the service industry and your local electrician is no exception.

Vynco Industries, who specialise in electrical manufacturing have developed an all-in-one solution that replaces a variety of other products on the market.

The Donbox is a junction box that splits in half allowing you to mount the base, then the lid, once wiring is complete saving significant time during wiring.

‘Working with Donovan Products gave us a chance to be part of a truly innovative New Zealand product.' says Jason Yalden, Adepts Tooling Manager.

'So many products are being made off shore these days, there was a real sense of satisfaction to be part of what is surely to be a highly successful product. With several other innovations in the wings, we hope to be part of many more tooling solutions in the future. Being part of the design, tooling and moulding fits our skill sets perfectly.’

Watch the DonBox in action below or for more information visit



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