Speed to market


We develop products to meet an opportunity that is identified in a market. Reducing the time spent in product development is key to maximise the available time spent enjoying the rewards of all that upfront investment as the window of opportunity will be open for a limited period of time only.

Picking the right partners to assist you on your product development journey is critical to ensure you get to selling a market ready product sooner rather than later. Adept’s unique offering of , Tool design & build and Injection moulding has the ability to reduce time to market. Time is wasted at hand over from each stage between contract Product designer to Tool maker and again between Tool maker and Injection moulder. When you have a product ready for verification it is likely you will learn about and improve your design. Managing multiple contractors to all do their part of the design modification can be timely. If a part doesn’t mould well who is responsible, is it bad design, bad tool making or bad moulding?

Adept will add Detail to your plastic part CAD design in conjunction with Tool making and Injection moulding stakeholders, they are involved in the ISO9001 certified Design Review process. Reducing the amount of contractors at the different stages of your product, from CAD detail design through to moulded parts, will ensure you have less headaches through that development cycle.

Call us today to discuss your next project, let us get your next project production ready for injection moulding and manage the process through to delivering parts.



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