10 interesting facts about Adept
  • Adept was founded in 1979 by Murray Fenton, one of his first products was a moulded foot for chair.
    • Prior to starting Adept, Murray had built his own injection moulding machine which overheated and burnt down his garage.
    • In the 70’s America set high hygiene laws to try stop NZ meat exports. Murray invented a clip to close the oesophagus, aka the  ‘Beef Clip’ that has now sold 2 billion units.
    • Moulding parts for other medical companies for many years, Adept brought Rex Medical in 2003 acquiring its range of ENT products.
    • Launched in 2011, Its carbon fibre range of patient support products are now used in Cath Labs worldwide.
    • Adept employ over 110 people here in Auckland.
    • Adept has composite carbon fibre capability with 7 staff dedicated to this area.
    • Its Morningside factory houses 25 moulding machines each with advanced robotic arm technology operating 24/7.
    • Adept attributes it success to its people – skilled manufacturers, tool makers, engineers and designers working closely together using the latest precision machinery.
    • Adept has developed its own chemically inert water soluble injection mouldable material that breaks down in water and warmth.


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