EDM upgrade


Adept continues its investment in technology with the purchase of a new EDM and EDM Hole Drill.

Both machines are from the Swiss based company GF (Charmilles) who are well known for suppling high quality EDM solutions to the tool and die industry. These machines are updates of similar machines that have been in service at Adept for over 15 years.

This update in technology will allow us to spark erode much more efficiently and increase our lights out utilisation. The EDM machine has a 6 station tool changing unit meaning we can tool change different electrodes during the night without the need for toolmaker intervention. In addition we have additional work space that enables multiple job setup which helps with delivery times.

The new EDM Hole Drill is a full computer controlled machine run by a windows based system that is capable of burning holes as small as 0.3mm in even the hardest of tool steels. We now have the ability to create a multipoint program that is created by our CNC programmers and sent over our internal network. Programming via this method reduces the risk of error and greatly increases the overall efficiency of the process.

Both machines are now located in a new cleaner and more workflow friendly corner of the workshop.



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