IR Shield

Ironically - doctors are getting sick.

More and more clinicians are developing cancer from the radiation they're exposed to during Interventional radiology procedures.

Developing patient positioning products for Interventional radiology since 2010, Adept recognised the need and began developing solutions protecting clinicians against scatter radiation emitted from the patient during these procedures. While the dose is low, the exposure soon adds up when you are carrying out up to 5 Interventions per day, every day of for your working life.

Adept are just releasing a new offering to their medical portfolio, a scatter radiation shield offering 0.5mm Pb (Lead) protection. This is an easy to place and adjust shield that fits to the operating table. 0.5mm Lead shields the physician from 99% of the scatter radiation emitted within their operating voltage range.

The shield is manufactured from resin infused carbon fibre encapsulating 0.5mm lead sheet within foam. All these manufacturing processes were developed in house here at Adept to add more capability to our range of service offerings.


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