Noelene Mckee


Traditionally we introduce new staff but this time we thought we'd talk to somebody who'd been around a while to tell us what changes they'd seen at Adept.

Noelene first started working at Adept in 1999 at the age of 51 as an Assembly Controller.

"Adept was a lot smaller then - there were 46 employees and only one building"
*currently 100 employees and 5 buildings.

What other changes have you noticed?

"Technology mostly - computers replaced paper trails and there are lots more advanced robots in the factory now"

I hear you're going to retire shortly - what was it that you enjoyed most about your time at Adept.

"The people - I like that everyone is respectful and willing to help regardless of position - and that there's always something new to learn"

What will you do when you retire?

"Full-time grandmother / part-time golfer"


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