SIR Washington

The Adept Medical team has just returned from Washington DC attending the annual Society of Interventional Radiology meeting. This is a new target audience to market our carbon fibre Radial arm board to.

These were previously developed and marketed for the field of interventional cardiology as these clinicians were the only group utilising the radial artery to carry out vascular access interventions. The clinicians feed wire carrying devices in to the heart and surrounding arteries to place stents and ablate arteries.

There are 2 access sites that are utilised the most when carrying out Interventional cardiology, Neuro / Interventional Radiology procedures. The Femoral artery at the groin is a larger artery to access but there is increased risk of  bleed out following the procedure and the patient must be monitored for longer.

Utilising the radial artery is becoming increasingly popular for this reason and while Interventional Cardiologists pioneered this approach it is now being adopted by the wider Radiology field.

This means more hospitals are looking for the ultimate arm presentation device for radial access which is great news for us!


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