Timeline to Success


Ever had an idea for a product and wondered what it would take to get it to market. Adept Medical’s STARBoard is an Arm positioning device for Interventional Cardiology developed in partnership with an Auckland based Interventional Cardiologist. The radiolucent arm support’s ergonomic design ensures a quick patient set up and patient comfort. Here's a short timeline in the life of a successful product to give you an idea.


Auckland clinician approaches Adept with idea


Adept design team create first prototype


STARBoard launched and first units sell locally with performance carefully monitored.


STARBoard sales increase by 380% as we enter international markets.


Medical team attend first Cardiology conferences in France and USA. Adept invest in Carbon Fibre processes and bring all manufacturing in house. Design team redesign product to ensure better quality and consistency. STARBoard sales increase by 300%.


Medical team attend Cardiology conference in USA. STARBoard sales increase by 80%.


Medical team attend Cardiology conferences in France and USA. Design team redesign product again, this time to ensure better quality and radiolucency. STARBoard sales increase by 85%.


Medical team attend Radiology conference in USA.


As you can see - getting a product to market involves an incredible amount of time and effort. If you have an idea for a product and need assistance with manufacture get in touch today for a confidential chat.


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