User Focused Design Research

Here at Adept we’re working hard at growing our range of ergonomic Patient supports for our Medical business. This all started in 2010 when a local Interventional Cardiologist came to us with an idea for a new Arm support. Since then we have been busy identifying new product opportunities in a whole range of Interventional and Diagnostic procedures involving Radiographic Imaging. It’s a niche portion of the Medical sector where we can develop novel ergonomic Patient and Physician assisting devices.

For our design team, experiencing our customer problems first hand is paramount in ensuring we develop useful products for them. This all starts with good upfront product research observing medical procedures and taking lots of notes. From here we return to the Development lab analysing and brainstorming ideas that would make their lives easier. We always come up with multiple solutions to fulfil their requirements and will try and prototype 2 or 3 options. At this point we return to the potential customers to review these solutions and continue our learning. It’s an iterative process where we keep our eyes and ears open ensuring we capture everything.

Design research is a vital phase in our development cycle and time spent here will ensure we end up with useful product solutions that our customers want to buy.


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