EDM Spark, Wire & Drill

Adepts spark eroding and wire cutting facility houses a CNC spark eroder with tool changer along with a 4 axis wire cut machine and EDM hole drill. Our EDM hole drill is used to create start holes for most wire cutting operations. In addition it is capable of creating holes in even the most hardened of tool steels.

Our spark eroder allows us to create intricate shapes and surface finishes that are often unachievable with standard machining operations. All electrodes are mounted to the 3R tool holding system that allows consistent datum setups between EDM and CNC machines.

Lights out tool changing of electrodes is common to achieve cost efficient unmanned running. Our EDM wire cutting machine is a full simultaneous 4 axis machine with submerged temperature controlled cutting capable of achieving micron accuracy. This machine has a standard wire size of 0.25mm and is capable of cutting angles of +/- 30deg.