Adept’s toolroom houses the most up to date CNC machining technology. The heart of which is the Makino D500 5 axis machining center. This machine has the ability to machine 5 sides of any work piece without the need for additional time consuming setups. This makes lights out and unmanned machining not only possible but standard practice. Combined with the ability to machine complex shapes with full simultaneous movement, this machine is a formidable force when it comes to tackling the most complex of jobs.

The Makino D500 is supported by a smaller 3 axis Makino machining center and a 5 axis Matsuura. All machines have glass scale feedback for super high accuracy and repeatability. With spindle speeds of 20,000 and 30,000rpm, along with the latest in carbide cutting technology, machining of hard tool steels (40-60Rc) is done with ease. In addition extremely high quality surface finishes can be achieved which in many cases removes the need for time consuming polishing.