Injection Moulding has been the core of Adepts business for over 40 years. Over that time we accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skill and have set the standard for engineered plastics processing. Located in Central Auckland, Our facility is home to 26 Injection moulding machines.

Our fleet employs the latest all electric servo technology from Toyo and Krauss Maffei and offers unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability. The moulding machines are backed up by robust drying, material conveying, granulating and temperature control systems that take care of consistency throughout the process.

Our knowledge of materials in unsurpassed, from commodity plastics to the most demanding engineering plastics, odds are we know how to process it. Click on a service below to learn more.


As an exporter we know that automation is the key to staying competitive on a global stage, removing the manual labour involved, and enhancing repeatability are key to staying competitive.

All of our moulding machines over 80T Clamp force have integrated 6 Axis robots. 6 axis robots enable a degree of flexibility that is a step ahead of traditional 3 axis robots, complex part removal, degating, insert loading, trimming, flaming, and stacking can all be achieved with relatively simple end of arm tooling that is integrated with the tooling build as a turnkey solution.

Vertical Integration

Our world class on-site toolroom is one of the huge benefits of working with Adept, high quality tooling is one of the most critical elements in quality injection moulded components and having our tooling department in the same building is one of our most valuable assets. Tool trials, modifications, sizing adjustments and repairs become seamless, our moulding engineers are involved in the tool design process, and toolmakers are involved in commissioning of tooling. Our customers don’t get excuses about substandard tooling or moulding from separate parties - they get results.


Adept has invested heavily in the medical sector over the past 15 years, through our sister company Adept Medical, and work with many other medical device manufacturers both locally and internationally, we have a depth of understanding of medical quality management systems that is unrivalled in NZ.

Adept Ltd has highly trained personnel onsite 24/7 to ensure and document your quality requirements. Our testing plans include AQL testing, visual inspection, PPAP Validation, detailed FAI and ongoing process monitoring. Our quality control equipment includes a Manual CMM, a CNC Smartscope and Moisture analysis equipment.

secondary processing

Secondary operations such as Ultrasonic welding, packaging, and assembly are a key part of our offering, whether it’s beside the press using automation, or in our dedicated assembly area we offer a complete solution