Product Development

Adept’s in house engineers and product designers are all experienced in developing products for a wide range of markets and product applications. The team supports the ongoing development of Adept’s proprietary portfolio in the Animal Processing, Medical and Recreational Fishing Sectors. We know the process and the pitfalls of developing a new product from beginning to end and will share these with you during our ISO9001 certified Design process. Specialists in design for manufacture of injection moulded parts, we know how important it is getting the details right from the start ensuring the ongoing viability of your product.
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Design Requirements

Our first stage will be to work with you to define the design requirements of your part or project; identifying the deliverables over the development. The depth of engagement at this stage will depend on where you are at in the development cycle.

Detailed CAD design

Working on latest 3D software our engineers and product designers will develop your product considering all aspects that will make it successful. We analyze your design for the most optimal form from both a functional and cost viewpoint. Completion of this stage allows both us and our clients to visualize the end product and consider manufacture.

Functional prototypes

Working with a variety of industry partners we will organize prototype production for you to test aspects of your product design. There are many ways to achieve functional prototypes and each have their place in the development cycle. We have used them all and are able to guide you through selecting an appropriate method to suit your requirements. This iterative process reduces the need for modifying parts after the tooling process saving time and cost.

Design for manufacture

Before we create your injection moulding tool we will enter in to a design for manufacture phase of work. With our experience it is this stage where we will offer the most value to your project. Effective design for manufacture can reduce part and production costs, as well as assembly and distribution. The entire Adept team utilizes its in-house expertise in injection moulding and adds this to your final product design for reduced manufacturing issues downstream.

Matt Lazenby,

Product Development

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