Tool Design & CNC Programming

Adept use the latest CAD software to carry out all tool design in house with consultation from product design engineers and moulding technicians. This collaborative tool design approach allows us to provide the most efficient and cost effective tool design solution which in turn translates to quicker turnaround times. We offer tooling verification advice for your product design to ensure the best possible moulding outcome. Sitting alongside our tool design team are our dedicated CNC programmers. All code creation at Adept is created and verified off line to ensure NC code is proven and ready for unmanned running. We work closely with software developers to create strategies that best fit our needs and ensure the best possible surface finish and accuracy. Adept holds ISO 9001 accreditation so version control and file management is closely monitored and controlled.

Verification & Validation

On machine verification software allows machined parts to be validated before they are removed from the machine. This ensures confidence that the component is correct before testing. As a result off line measuring and testing times are drastically reduced.

Alongside this on machine verification is a standard CMM machine for general component inspection. With the ability to import 3D models, complex surface measurement is also possible. If required post moulding verification/ sample testing can also be supplied.


Adept’s toolroom houses the most up to date CNC machining technology. The heart of which is the Makino D500 5 axis machining center. This machine has the ability to machine 5 sides of any work piece without the need for additional time consuming setups. This makes lights out and unmanned machining not only possible but standard practice. Combined with the ability to machine complex shapes with full simultaneous movement, this machine is a formidable force when it comes to tackling the most complex of jobs.

The Makino D500 is supported by a smaller 3 axis Makino machining center and a 5 axis Matsuura. All machines have glass scale feedback for super high accuracy and repeatability. With spindle speeds of 20,000 and 30,000rpm, along with the latest in carbide cutting technology, machining of hard tool steels (40-60Rc) is done with ease. In addition extremely high quality surface finishes can be achieved which in many cases removes the need for time consuming polishing.

EDM Spark, Wire & Drill

Adepts spark eroding and wire cutting facility houses a CNC spark eroder with tool changer along with a 4 axis wire cut machine and EDM hole drill. Our EDM hole drill is used to create start holes for most wire cutting operations. In addition it is capable of creating holes in even the most hardened of tool steels.

Our spark eroder allows us to create intricate shapes and surface finishes that are often unachievable with standard machining operations. All electrodes are mounted to the 3R tool holding system that allows consistent datum setups between EDM and CNC machines.

Lights out tool changing of electrodes is common to achieve cost efficient unmanned running. Our EDM wire cutting machine is a full simultaneous 4 axis machine with submerged temperature controlled cutting capable of achieving micron accuracy. This machine has a standard wire size of 0.25mm and is capable of cutting angles of +/- 30deg.